Trust & Identity info sharing session (SAFIRE) (4/4)


TENET's monthly Trust & Identity information sharing sessions are held
virtually and are intended to provide a place to catch up on and discuss
matters relating to the T&I suite of services. The sessions cover one service a
month, rotating through three services (SAFIRE, eduroam, and the SA NREN
certificate service) in a cycle. They're aimed at those people responsible for
administering or maintaining the respective services within their institution,
but participation is open.

This event is a placeholder for the 2023 SAFIRE-related sessions

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T&I Info Sharing Sessions 2023
Zoom Meeting ID
TENET's monthly Trust & Identity information sharing sessions. We use the same link each month for the whole of 2022. Note that we intentionally do not record these sessions to encourage people to speak more freely, so please don't ask us to make recordings available ;-).
Guy Halse
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Donald Coetzee, Wesley Barry
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